About us

Ebbygg is a construction company with high competence and a great quality awareness. Our office is in the Heat Övägen 11, 268 73 Billeberga. Today we have 25 employees. Our operations are concentrated in large parts of Skåne, southern Småland, Blekinge.

We perform all types of works in new construction, renovations, wall and plastering, as well as all types of building services and maintenance. Most often Ebbygg has overall responsibility for a project, we take care of the building coordination and hiring contractors. The key for Ebbygg is that our customers will be satisfied!

Ebbygg has extensive experience in new build homes and holiday house - you can feel confident and safe that selecting us as a contractor when you are going to build your dream home.

All of our Carpenters and Masons are building technical training with professional qualifications. We invest obvious even on continuous training of our employees as it is very important that we can perform our work in a proper and safe manner, and thereby follow the rules and regulations of the industry.

A large part of Ebbygg business consists of the renovation projects for housing associations, companies, industries and agriculture.

We perform all types of construction works for both individuals and companies including new construction, renovation and construction, office adaptations, etc.

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