Comfortable shower cabin for up-to-date, always rushing or simply saving space people is a must. Shower cubicle is an ergonomic and  unloading accent that gives you freedom of choice. Variety of glass sizes and colors gives opportunity to adapt shower cabin into general interior and the construction of your choice makes it easy and comfortable to use. We can give solution for every need. All shower cabin glasses are safe to use and for customer convenience are covered with NANO shield from inside.

Shower fixing elements and their colors
With our products we use high quality and long lasting fixing details, such as: KL Megla (Germany), G-Fittings (Germany), Pauli+Sohn (Germany), OXIDAL (Italy), CDA(Poland).
We give warranty for all fixing elements! Main fixing elements colors can be: stainless steel, matte chrome, chrome.
Also if necessary we can offer non-standard color choices of fixing elements for shower cabins, they can be: black, white, bronze or gold.

NANO shield for shower cabin glass

For long lasting primary appearance and color shower glass must be covered with NANO shield from the inside, this way glass surface will be resistant from water, lime accumulation, solid water plaque and other pollutants. It is easier to maintain shower cabins cleanliness, you save your energy and time, antibacterial protection makes enviroment more hygienic and works like long-lasting protective barrier. If needed NANO shield can be renewed at home.


Shower sealing intermediates

For shower cabins and partition walls sealing assurance we recommend using sealing intermediates. Intermediates fits any kind of glass thickness and there are several types of them: glued and knitted.
Our sealing intermediate catalog you can find here (PDF file).



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