Aluminum Blyweert sliding systems are a practical and modern way to expand the space.

Aluminum is a stable and durable metal, making the aluminum structures practical, durable and elegant. The main advantages of aluminum systems are:

  • Has good thermal and sound insulation. Heat efficiency in aluminum systems is higher compared to wood or plastic.
  • Resistant to various weather conditions – aluminum does not overheat and does not dissipate from heat.
  • Significantly durable.
  • Due to the strength and flexibility of aluminum, various design solutions are available.
  • Environmentally friendly. Compared to other metals, this is one of the best recycled materials – the aluminum recycling process requires only five percent of the original energy.

Harmony – folding doors

The Blyweert Harmonia folding doors offered by “WSG projects” are compact and easy to use.
They do not take up much space, there may be a large area glazing. Three-camera profiles with a 72mm depth of frame provide optimum thermal insulation.
Aluminum profile system without thermal seal is intended for use on the outside of buildings. A low-threshold option is feasible for people with disabilities.

Profile width: Stack -72mm, Door Frame – 70mm, Column -63mm
Thermal conductivity coefficient: U=1.44-2.91 W/m2K.
Maximum dimensions: 2,6m in height 7,0 mm in length.
Available glazing: Single or double cubic packs (cavity from 4mm-48mm).
Color: Available Structural or equal, Standard color RAL 7016M
Details: here

Blyweert Kolos HI – Sliding and Lifting-Sliding Doors

The sliding doors of the Blyweert Kolos HI are great for both individual houses and commercial buildings.
Three-chamber profiles with a 72 mm deep sash provides high thermal insulation – a system with a thermosetting agent made of ABS material.
It allows for the construction of a sliding and liftable – sliding door with a maximum shaft thickness of 400 kg.
Possible variants with 1-2 rail rack and 2 rail racks with a screw extension, which allows for the construction of three rails.
Sliding door systems can be used to create large-format glazing, while ensuring an optimally occupied space after opening.

Profile width: Stack – 159mm, width – 72mm
Thermal conductivity coefficient: U=0.95-2.44 W/m2K.
Maximum dimensions: 2,6m in height 8,0 mm in legth
Available glazing: Single or twin packets (cavity from 9mm-57mm).
Dažymas: Available Structural or equal, Standard color RAL 7016M
Detalizacija: here


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