Steel frame partitions

This product stands out not only because of its design, but also that all construction is hand-made, so special attention is payed to every detail of it.

Your only task is to tell us your vision, everything else can be left to our team that will take care of every single detail of the product. We are responsible and seeking for the best results, so without any doubt you can choose us!

This amazing product quickly found its place in the range of products that we offer. Steel frame constructions are one of the most liked constructions among architects and designers these days.

Every project is individual and unique, so it can be fitted in any type of interior when the design and the color of steel frame are chosen. It is a genius solution for those who want to increase space or just separate it without losing sensation of light and space.

 Technical indicators:

Glass types:

  • Laminated;
  • Tempered;
  • Laminated-tempered.

Glass colors:

  • Clear;
  • Extra clear;
  • Tinted (brown/grey);

Construction coloring and colors:

  • You can choose any color from RAL palette;
  • Colors can be: matt, half matt or shiny;
  • Coloring texture: smooth staining or structural staining.


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