Blyweert Aluminum is a Belgian manufacturer offering innovative aluminum systems.
Blyweert Aluminum uses finest quality aluminum profiles to ensure durability of the products.
Aluminum systems are widely used for implementation of various modern projects, while the production process is modern and constantly updated, the characteristics of aluminum profiles are constantly being improved.
Aluminum is distinguished by the fact that it is a light but strong metal that does not tend to corrode.
Aluminum is non-toxic and durable, it can be almost in any desired shape, which makes it possible to create a variety of structures.
For these reasons, aluminum is often used in modern buildings.
For your convenience, “WSG projects” designs, manufactures and exports Olympia HI, Triton, Triton HI, Triton HI +, warm window and door systems, and five major Blyweert “So Easy” windows and doors systems. We also design and manufacture aluminum partitions inside the building, outdoor doors, and facades.

Olympia Hi – the warmest window and door system
Olympia Hi is designed to be used externally. Practical use for the construction of partitions in individual houses and in commercial facilities that require the highest thermal insulation. From it you can produce various types of doors and windows. Aluminum profile system with thermal gasket, three-chamber profiles with a 82mm depth of frame, provides maximum thermal insulation. The system satisfies the ever-increasing demand of hardware for passive and economical homes.

Width of window profiles: Stack 82 mm, leaf 91 mm
Door Profile Width: Stack 73mm, Bucket 95 mm
Thermal conductivity coefficient:    0.79-1.01 W / m2K
Possible glazing for windows: Single or double cubic packets (cavity from 22mm-69mm)
Available door glazing: Single or double-glazed units (cavity from 13mm-60mm)
Hardware: Hardware, Eurorowek / Euro groove
Paint: Available in structural or matt
Details: 1 – catalog2 – door catalog

Triton / Triton Hi / Triton Hi+

Aluminum profile system with thermal seal is used to the outside of buildings. From it you can build different types of doors and windows. Three-camera profiles with a depth of 72mm, patented insulation system. Spidertechnology® and plenty of insulation elements provide high thermal insulation. Extremely practical for partition construction usage in individual homes and commercial buildings that requires high thermal insulation

Width of window profiles: Stack 72 mm, leaf 81 mm
Width of door profiles: 72mm frame, 72 mm wide
Thermal conductivity coefficient:    0.91-1.7 W/m2K
Available glazing: Single or double cubic packets (cavity from 10mm to 66mm)
Coloring: Various options are available in RAL or NCS pallets
Details: catalog


Seth is a base system, which consists of other “So easy” systems. The frame and sash are only 83 mm. The system meets strict construction law requirements.
Thermal insulation U – 0.81 W / m2K.


The hinged is hidden in Hapi window system. The minimum sliding width of the hidden door is 111 mm. These windows are often used in facades. The biggest advantage is glazing with a classic clamp on the inside.
Thermal insulation U – 0,97 W / m2K.


Amon is the warmest category of windows in market. Visually this is a “steel appearance” system, its appearance is attributed to the steel industry. It is used for constructions of modern buildings.
Thermal insulation U – 0.98 W / m2K.


Chepri – a wooden retro style window, warmest in the market for this category of windows. Wooden window style system is tested and is intended for installation of exterior partitions in new buildings and renovation of existing structures requiring high aesthetic retro style.
Thermal insulation U – 1.00 W / m2K.


Mut profiles are classified in the steel industry with a steel frame effect. Minimalistic visual width of the movable cross-section, as with all the so easy family profiles, is 111.
Thermal insulation U – 0.94 W / m2K.


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